tretac´s mission is to facilitate writing, reading and communication process.
Combining skills of our own and our partners´, we manufacture, develop and sell intuitive and competitive products.
We have several great products which are used by over one million users.
Join them and start benefit from these products today!

Our customers
tretac has a broad customer range, which includes: the Employment Agency, the Social Insurance Agency, Assistive Technology Centres, local authorities, schools, universities, businesses and individuals.

Our competitive edge
tretac´s greatest asset is having profound knowledge and understanding of the field of dyslexia.
The founder of the company, Anders Abrahamsson, has twenty years of experience in dealing with assistive technology and training people, especially people with dyslexia, to use various support tools.
With our knowledge and experience in this area, we can provide most of the tools available in the market at competitive prices.

Most selling products

ClaroRead Plus PC
Powerful reading toolbar with high-quality voices, proofing tools, screen tinting, and study skills tools. ClaroRead Plus includes OCR/scanning for document conversion.

ClaroSpeak Web
ClaroSpeak Web lets you speak text out loud and change its appearance to help with reading, and has word prediction and echoes your typing to help with writing

ClaroRead Plus MAC
With all the main features of ClaroRead for PC, ClaroRead for Mac is the ideal literacy support tool for Mac users

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