ClaroRead Standard PC

ClaroRead is the latest version of our proofreading software solution. ClaroRead provides a high quality text to speech solution for the reading back of any text on a PC. ClaroRead is ideal for proofreading work by reading out aloud text in a word document or web page. ClaroRead is ideal for users who require a high accuracy in typed documents, need to avoid text errors in what they have written or if they need assistance with the reading back of text from the computer. ClaroRead will also instantly read back any text that is selected using the mouse. It will read back characters, words and sentences as they are typed. Computer users will find that WordRead ensures the highest quality work when proofreading.

Voices ClaroRead includes six high quality voices.

Text to Speech ClaroRead provides a single toolbar for use in Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 that combines a homophone and dictionary checker, font and spacing commands, a thesaurus, spell checker and save to audio or video function. All have clear graphic icons for ease of recognition.

Supports speech in Open Office. Highlighting by word, word trail, sentence or paragraph and background colour while highlighting. Fully integrated with Internet Explorer 9.

Save to Audio, It is possible to convert any text into an audio file with a high quality voice. These files can then be uploaded to a music player such as an iPhone, iPod Touch and Nano, Nokia, Android and Walkman phones. The files can also be listened back to using Media Player Software such as iTunes. It is quick and easy to do, allowing documents and web pages to be taken on the move.
Save selected text as a WMA, WAV or OGG audio file. Audio files can be uploaded to iPod or iPhone.
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