Verity Spell

Non-word errors
By default, VeritySpell suggests three words at a time. This can be changed to 1, 2 or ”all”, but a long list of suggestions would often confuses a user with decoding problems. Ideally, the first suggestion is the correct one! If not, one can ask to see further suggestions.

Real-word errors
VeritySpell will help distinguish similar-sounding words, like which/witch, by showing them in an every-day language context:

VeritySpell comes with a built-in dictionary and thesaurus tool which provides not only definitions but also similar words: synonyms and related words. Grammar errors and word misuse. VeritySpell identifies and offers suggestions for common grammar errors and word misuse. Additional wordlists. Specialist vocabulary and word lists can easily be added to VeritySpell. Supervisor tools also enable wordlists to be disseminated to multiple users. VeritySpell does not require an internet connection. It currently comes in versions for users of British English/American English and one targeted for New Zealand English users.